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Warp Knitted Interlining

Item:3035/3040/3080/4075 Material: 100% Polyester Color: White, Super White, Black Width: 90cm/112cm/150cm Weight: 35gsm/40gsm/45gsm Coating: PA/ PESbibendum orci pulvinar. Usage:The foreparts and small parts of various types of garments, men's and woman's uniforms, suits jackets and so on

Circular Knitted Interlining

Item:6050/8075 Material: 100% Polyester Color:White, Super White, Black Width: 150cm Weight:40gsm/54gsm Coating:PA/PES Usage:The foreparts and small parts of causal light weight garments, or some cloth needs elasticity.

Water-Jet-Loom Interlining

Item:30D,50D,75D,100D... Material: 100% Polyester Color: White, Super White, Black Width: 122cm/150cm Weight:30gsm/43gsm/55gsm... Coating: PA Usage:The small parts of garments, like chiffon,coats,suits,wool coats and so on.

Collar Interlining

Item:4262,3068,2050,8505,8068 Weight:95g-165g Width:112cm/150cm Color:white/black Handfeeling:Soft,Middle soft,Hard Coating:HDPE Washing condition:dry&wet wash Usage:front-part of shirt.collar and cuff. Or waist of trousers

Hot Rolling Nonwoven Interlining

Item:8023,8028,8035..6070 Material: 100% Polyester Color:Super White, White, Black Width: 100cm/150cm Weight:23, 28, 35gsm...83gsm Coating: PES/ PA Usage:Garments like normal cloth,fashion wear and so on.

Impregnating Nonwoven Interlining

Item:1025S/SF/H/HF,1035S/SF/H/HF.. Composition:100%ployester Color:white, super white, black Coating:LDPE Width:100cm/150cm Weight:25g,30g,35g... Usage:cloth,garment,suit, interlining

Embroidery Backing Series

Tearaway Embroidery Backing Paper Hot Water Soluble Nonwoven Cold Water Soluble Nonwoven Cold Water Soluble Film

Warp Knitted Interlining

Qidong Lexin Warp Knitting Co.,LTD-Specializes in base fabric of interlining filed.Qidong Lexin Textile Technology Co.,LTD-Specializes in interlining filed.Qidong Wuzhou Textile Co.,LTD-Specializes in international interlining market.
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